Temple Newsam - Chinoiserie Room
Temple Newsam - Chinoiserie Room


As part of our objective to promote learning and education, Leeds Art Fund has supported a number of specialist publications which publish new research on various aspects of the collections.   We ensure that copies of our publications are deposited in Leeds Central Library, Calverley Street, Leeds, LS1 3AB, so that if they sell out, you will still be able to consult them locally.

Wallpapers at Temple Newsam 1635 to the present by Anthony Wells-Cole and Barbara Walker (2017)

Price: £55

This magnificent and lavishly illustrated book is the fruit of nearly forty year’s research by two acknowledged experts in the field. Its core is the rich heritage of wall coverings discovered in the historic mansion, followed by examples collected from innumerable country houses throughout Britain. English papers predominate but there are many from France, America, China and Japan giving a wide picture of styles and techniques.

A large group from Ashburnham Place, Sussex and from Jeffrey & Co, the most dynamic late 19th century manufacturer, give a particularly strong picture of fashionable and advanced Victorian taste.

  • Published by the Leeds Art Fund 2018
  • Leeds Art Studies No 3
  • Page size 312 x 242 mm, 384 pages, c.900 illustrations, hardback

15 in stock

Victorian Chatelaine: Emily Meynell Ingram of Temple Newsam and Hoar Cross by James Lomax (2016)

Price: £10

This book is the first biography of a legendary figure who ruled over two great houses in Yorkshire and Staffordshire for over thirty years. Drawn from original documents and including much unpublished material the book describes the life and times of a complex personality living in an age of unparalleled wealth and privilege.

216 pp, 102 illustrations

80 in stock

Cornucopia: Essays in honour of Terry Friedman; ed James Lomax,Evelyn Silber and Christopher Webster (2015)

Price: £10

70 in stock

The Leeds Art Fund: a centenary history and catalogue by Benedict Read And James Lomax (2012)

Price: £4

20 in stock

The Leeds Pottery 1770 – 1881 by John Griffin (2005) 2 vols

Price: £10

7 in stock

The Yorkshire Potteries by John Griffin (2012)

Sold out

Textiles at Temple Newsam: the Roger Warner Collection by Helen Bower (2000)

Sold out

Furniture at Temple Newsam House and Lotherton Hall by Christopher Gilbert (1998)

This volume records 240 aquisitions of Temple Newsam House and Lotherton Hall and contains updated information about items featured in the previous volumes. Each entry is supported by photographs. Particular attention is devoted to establishing the provenance and identifying the maker of furniture. A final section briefly records significant fresh information that has emerged about objects catalogued in the earlier volumes.

Sold out

British Silver at Temple Newsam and Lotherton Hall by James Lomax (1992)

A catalogue of British silver dating between Elizabethan and modern times and belonging to Temple Newsam and Lotherton Hall, a public art museum. The book presents a detailed record of all that is known about the objects including design source, authorship and provenance.

Sold out

Creamware and other English pottery at Temple Newsam House, Leeds by Peter Walton (1976)

Sold out

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