Introducing regional artists

Posted on Tuesday 1st March 2022

Speaking from her studio at the Arthouse in Wakefield on 24 February artist Ellia Way, provided LAF members with an insight in to  recent projects.  The lockdown, while taking away potential income, did have a positive impact for her as it allowed her time to reflect on her practice, and as she explained, she turned her walks around Wakfield into a series of posters of local landmarks. 

She shared details of the various techniques she exlored and adopted to achieve the schematic and colourfull images that provide an emotional, often nostalgic evocation of place..  Ellie has gone on to create images of Leeds landmarks, many of which were suggested by members of the public.  Ellie ensures that her images are affordable and they are available on her website or wherever possible at the sites depicted.

Our winter online talk programme has afforded us the opportunity to engage with artists and Ellie's talk was certainly inspirational, helping us to look anew at familiar sites.