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Grimshaw ,John Atkinson

Leeds from Woodhouse Ridge, watercolour

Leeds Museums and Galleries have recently acquired an early Atkinson Grimshaw watercolour with the help of the Leeds Art Fund. Image (c) Sotheby's
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Pissarro, Lucien (1863-1944)

Oil on canvas 45.7 x 54.5 cm

The first modern painting bought by the newly formed Leeds Art Collections Fund in 1913
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Nevinson, Christopher Richard Wynne (1889-1946)


Given to the Leeds Art Collections Fund in 1916, reputedly after it had been turned down by the Tate Gallery
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Sickert, Walter Richard

Juliet and the Nurse

An evocation from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet
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Stanley Spencer

Christ's Entry into Jerusalem

One of the first in a series of large religious paintings by Spencer bought by the Leeds Art Collections Fund in 1941
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Bacon, Francis (1909-1992)

Oil on canvas 198.1 x 132.1

Francis Bacon's tense and enigmatic masterpiece was bought by the Leeds Art Collections Fund from an exhibition in Leeds in 1951.
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Jacob Kramer

Industrial Landscape, drawing

Leeds Art Fund was delighted to help with the recent purchase of this important Kramer drawing.
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Turner, J.M.W. (1775-1851)

Valley of the Washburn: watercolour with bodycolour on buff paper

This scene was painted by Turner during one of his many visits to Farnley Hall, near Otley, in Yorkshire, the seat of Walter Hawksworth Fawkes, a wealthy landowner who began collecting Turner's work in 1803 and became one of the artist's greatest patrons..
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Sir William Rothenstein (1872-1945)

Lithograph 37.2 x 28.8cm.

By 1897, when this portrait of Thomas Hardy was made, Rothenstein had recently embarked on a new phase in his career, painting portraits of many celebrated people.
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John, Augustus (1878-1961)

Etching 12.6 x 10 cm.

The date when Augustus John made this portrait of the the sculptor Jacob Epstein is not known. Epstein came to live in England in 1905 and the etching was given to the LACF in 1913, so it is most likely that it was made between these dates.
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Hess, Florence Adelina (1891-1974)

Oil on canvas 63.5 x 76.2 cm.

Best known as a landscape painter, Hess was a member of the Staithes group of artists in the early 20th century.
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Knight, Dame Laura (1877-1970)

Watercolour and Gouache 50.2 x 60.4cm.

Although Dame Laura Knight later chose to portray brighter, more colourful scenes, this almost monochrome picture of a winter scene in London is very succcessfully brought to life by the bright red of the pillar box.
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Durer. Albrecht (1471-1528)

Woodcut 37.9 x 29.1

A German artist, influential in bringing the ideas of the Italian Renaissance to Northern Europe.
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Harpignies, Henri (1819-1916)

Charcoal drawing 18.4 x 25.2

A late-starter who became a very prolific and successful artist. His landscapes are held in many public collections in France and Britain.
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Bigge, John Selby (1892-1973

Oil on board 23.5 x 36

This very ambiguous painting is one of a series with the same title, though with different subjects.
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Lancaster, Mark (b. 1938)

Acrylic on canvas

This is actually a 'portrait' of a building named 'George Frederick Bodley'
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Lees, Derwent (1885-1931)

Oil on panel 50.8 x 39.3

An Australian artist who made his home in Wales
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Lanyon, Peter (1918-1964)

Gouache, 57.5 x 75.6

A Cornish artist whose art always related to the Cornish landscape.
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Agar, Eileen (1899-1991)

Collage, 26 x 21

An artist best known as a Surrealist but who also experimented in many different media.
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Bevan, Robert (1865-1925)

Drawing, pencil and crayon 33.5 x 29.2

An artist whose great knowledge of horses is reflected in much of his work.
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Sichel, Ernest Leopold (1862-1941)

Drawing, coloured chalks 23.3 x 20

Born in Bradford, Ernest Sichel was a contemporary of William Rothenstein, another Bradford artist.
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Gethin, Percy Francis (1874-1916)

Etching, 20.1 x 24.7

An Irish artist who taught in London and lost his life in the First World War.
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Grant, James A. (1885-1973)

Pastel, 48 x 40.3

A striking portrait of an unknown woman.
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Gross, Anthony, CBE (1905-1989)

Oil on Canvas 129 x 198

A distinguished artist who recorded the scenes of battle during the Second World War.
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Mahoney, Charles Cyril (1903-68)

Oil on canvas, 49.5 x 62.2

An idyllic scene of a couple working in the flower garden of a thatched cottage.
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Gilroy, John Thomas Young (1898-1985)

Pencil drawing, 27.8 x 22.6

Gilroy is perhaps best known as the designer of posters advertising the Irish brewery firm Guiness.
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Kramer, Jacob (1892-1962)

Oil on canvas, 91.5 x 71

An important Leeds-based artist, in whose honour Leeds Branch College was renamed.
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Kramer, Jacob (1892-1962)

Oil on canvas 63.5 x 76.2

An important Leeds-based artist, in whose honour Leeds Branch College was renamed Jacob Kramer College.
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Kramer, Jacob

Oil on canvas 63.4 x 76

An important Leeds-based artist, in whose honour Leeds Branch College was renamed Jacob Kramer College.
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Naylor, Martin (b. 1944)

Sculpture: mixed media, 205 x 287 x 84

An enigmatic work, giving only half its meaning to the viewer.
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Hilliard, John (b. 1945)

Three photographs 57 x 38 each

An artist who first used photography in order to record his work as a sculptor, Hilliard went on to use it as a creative medium.
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Clough, Prunella (1919-99)

Mixed media, watercoloour and gouoache on paper; 110 x 195

An 'artist's artist', described in the book accompanying the exhibition of her work at Tate Britain in 2007 as 'one of the most interesting and important British painters of the post-war period.
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Gilman, Harold (1878-1919)

Oil on canvas, 118.1 x 46.3

An artist recorded in the 'Oxford Dictionary of Art and Artists' as 'one of the most gifted English painters of his generation'.
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Holmes, Sir Charles J. (1868)

Drawing with watercolour 25.8 x 34.4

A self-taught artist who became Director of the National Gallery.
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Kossoff, Leon (b. 1926)

Oil on board, 124.5 x 92.7

In this powerful portrait of an elderly woman, Kossoff's long sweeping brushstrokes create an emotive response in the viewer.
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Lewty, Simon (b. 1941)

Pencil, crayon, watercolour, ink, on paper

An artist whose works sometimes mix text with picture.
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Hearne, Thomas (1744-1817

Watercolour, 32.7 x 45.4

A Topographical artist whose use of watercolour was to influence a younger generation which included Girtin and Turner.
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Colquhoun, Robert (1914-1962)

Oil on canvas, 91.4 x 60.9

An artist who was very successful during the 1940s but whose reputation declined over the next two decades.
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MacBryde, Robert (1913-1966)

Oil on canvas, 114.2 x 144.8

An artist who was successful during the 1940s but whose reputation declined during the following decade.
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Cotman, John Sell (1782-1842)

Sketch, pencil and grey wash on wove paper

The Leeds Art Gallery has over six hundred watercolours and drawings by Cotman, one of the finest watercolour painters of the nineteenth century. The Leeds Art Gallery also has in its collection one of the few oil paintings made by Cotman; see under 'On the Yare'.
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Cotman, John Sell (1782-1842)

Oil on canvas 15.4 x 30.5

An oil painting, one of very few painted by Cotman in that medium. See also Cotman's sketch of the West Door, St. Nicholas, King's Lynn
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Gore, Spencer F. (1878-1914)

Oil on canvas 55.8 x 40.6

A progressive English artist greatly influenced by the works of modern French painters shown at the Post-Impressionist exhibitions of 1910 and 1912.
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Wilding, Alison (b. 1948)

Sculpture, Perspex, steel, brass and rubber

A sculpture which may relate to a basic element of our psychology.
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Whistler, James Abbott McNeill (1834-1903)

Etching 15.1 x 22.5

An American-born artist who came to Europe and was one of the most cosmopolitan artist of the nineteenth century.
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Whistler, James Abbott McNeill (1834-1903)

Lithograph 20.8 x 34.4

An American-born artist who came to Europe and was one of the most cosmopolitan artists of the nineteenth century.
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Cozens, Alexander (c. 1717-86)

Watercolour 23.1 x 31.3

An 18th century artist who created landscapes from 'blots' of ink and his imagination.
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Farington, Joseph (1747-1821)

Ink drawing with grey wash

A painter who combined the beauty of landscapes in the English Lake District with topographical accuracy, Farington is now perhaps more well-known as a diarist.
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Barns-Graham, Wilhelmina (1912-2004)

Oil on canvas 61.6 x 106.7

A painter who set up a Trust to provide bursaries for students of art and art history.
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Loker, John (b. 1938)

Pencil drawing with acrylic 30.5 x 50.5

A Leeds-born graphic artist and painter who was a contemporary of David Hockney at the Bradford College of Art and Design.
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Millet, Jean-Francois (1814-75)

Lithograph 19.1 x 16.1

A French painter who was accused of Socialism because he chose to depict the hard life of peasant families.
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Rouault, Georges (1871-1958)

Aquatint 577 x 43.7

A French painter whose pictures of the outcasts of society the public found disquieting.
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Tucker, William (b. 1935)

Sculpture; fibre glass 83 x 228 x 210

Two cylindrical pieces, provide the viewer with a complicated pattern of angles and intersections.
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Kramer, Jacob

textile hanging (canvas) 2370 cm x 1630 cm

This large, abstracted and unstructured (unstretched) canvas is quite possibly unique in Jacob Kramer's output.
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Jacob Kramer

Oil on canvas 89 x 70 cm

Bequeathed by Dr William and Mrs Elizabeth Whitaker 2014
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Moss, Marlow

Sculpture 130 x 81.2 x 22.8

One of Britain’s most important Constructivist artists, Moss was "radically experimental in art and life" (Jessica Lack, Art Quarterly, Summer 2014, p. 17)
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Epstein, Sir Jacob (1880-1959)

Relief sculpture in serpentine stone 30.5 x 28 x 9

A British sculptor who created massive monumental figures and many portrait sculptures in bronze.
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Morris, Robert b. 1931

Sculpture relief in lead and aluminium 53.5 x 53.5

An American painter, sculptor and writer on art who pioneered several different artistic movements during the 1960s and 1970s.
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Hiller, Susan

Installation, photographs, head phones

A British installation artist of American birth
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Willats, Stephen (b. 1943)

Photographic print, mixed media; 2 panels each 136 x 98

An English conceptual artist and sculptor for whom the making of art is a social practice.
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Kindersley, David (1915-1995)(after Eric Gill)

Sculpture: Portland stone, iron, length 71cm

An English stone letter carver and typeface designer
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Rodin, Auguste (1840 -1917)

Bronze 178 x 60 x 610

A French sculptor who, after a slow start, became world-famous.
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Moore, Henry, OM, CH (1898-1986)

Plaster, six upright 28; 2 panels 15 x 13

A sculptor and graphic artist born in Yorkshire and recognized world-wide as one of the greatest sculptors of the 20th century.
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Peri, Peter Laszlo (1899-1967)

Item type

A social realist sculptor whose small concrete figures depicted ordinary people engaged in everyday activities.
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Buchler, Pavel (b. 1952)


An artist whose work challenges our perception of life.
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Moore, Henry OM, CH (1898-1986)

Enamelled Plate, earthenware; diam. 23.2

A decorative plate with a design by the sculptor Henry Moore
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Moore, Henry (1898-1986)

Sculptor, plaster 22.5

A seated male figure, apparently deep in thought.
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Moore, Henry OM, CH (1898-1986)

Sculpture, relief in plaster 31.7 x 20.e

A carved relief of a dancing male nude.
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Thornton, Leslie (b. 1925)

Sculpture, bronze, copper, brass; 79.5 x 55.5 x 48.5

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Butler, Reg (1913-1981)

Sculpture, bronze, 147.3 x 45 x 37

A leading post-war British sculptor, draughtsman, architect and writer.
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Dalwood, Hubert

Sculpture, aluminium, 144 x 76 x 23

A leading British sculptor of figurative and abstract forms
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Brown, Ralph (1928-2013)

Sculpture: bronze, 47 x 48.5 x 23.1

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Sargent, Francis William 1870-1960

Sculpture: bronze, 31

A British sculptor who worked for many years in Italy
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Rugg, Matt (b. 1935)

Relief in wood

A carver and sculptor highly regarded by his contemporaries and students
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Thubron, Harry (1915 - 1985)

Relief sculpture in wood 68.5 x 71 x 21

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Rothschild, Eva (b. 1972)

Sculpture: Perspex 239 x 163 x 142

Described on the website of the Tate Gallery as "one of the most interesting artists of her generation".
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Stirling Lee, Thomas (1865-1916)

Sculpture in wax; 66 x 25 x 23.5

A sculptor who specialized in reliefs and portrait medallions.
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Mann, Bezalel (b. 1917)

Sculpture: wood, 78.7

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Foot, Winslow (b. 1939)

Relief in wood and metal 67 x 58

A sculptor who trained in America and later taught at Leeds College of Art
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Horner, Jocelyn (1902-1973)

Sculpture: bronze 127

A sculptor described in The Halifax Courier as "one of Halifax's greatest daughters".
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Williams, Glynn (b. 1939)

Sculpture: Hopton Wood Stone, 45.7 x 15.2 x 11.4

A sculptor of the Figurative tradition
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Hart, Barry (1894-1954)

Sculpture: Alabaster, 102 x 26 x17

A sculptor who taught Henry Moore at the Royal College of Art
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Calder, Alexander (1898-1976)

Mobile sculpture: aluminium 450 x 210

The artist who invented the 'mobile'
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Milow, Keith (b. 1945)

Sculpture: resin and fibreglass 122 x 244

An artist associated with the British avant-garde during the 1970s
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Caro, Sir Anthony OM (1924-2013)

Sculpture: Metal 133 x 183 x 129

Possibly the finest British sculptor after Henry Moore
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de Goya y Lucientes, Francisco (1746-1828)

Etching, aquatint and drypoint, 21.6 x 32.4

A Spanish painter whose imagination made him one of the most original painters of his time.
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Hepworth, Dame Barbara

Sculpture: Guarea Wood, 81.3 x 74 x65

A Yorkshire artist, one of very few women artists to gain international prominence
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Campbell, Steven (1953-2007)

Painting, Oil on Canvas, 249 x 277

A former steelworks engineer who later 'helped to put Scottish art in an international context'.
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Rego, Dame Paula (b. 1935)

Painting; acrylic on canvas, 180 x 130

An artist whose work sometimes refers to her memories of the scary folk tales told to her by her grandmother in Portugal.
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Bonnard, Pierre (1867-1947)

Painting, oil on panel, 34.4 x 41.9

A French artist who became best known for his paintings of intimate domestic scenes.
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Renoir, Pierre Auguste (1841-1919)

Pastel drawing 65.5 x 52.9

A painter who was perhaps the most well known of the French Impressionists
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Spencer, Stanley (1891-1959)

Oil on canvas, 114.2 x 144.8

An artist perhaps best known for his biblical scenes, set in the village where he lived and worked for most of his life.
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Perry, Grayson (b. 1960)

Earthenware, H. 56.5

A Turner Prize winner who collected his prize dressed as his alter-ego, Claire.
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Creffield, Dennis (b. 1931)

Oil on canvas 91 x 101

A London-born artist who taught and exhibited in Leeds
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