Temple Newsam House

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Pitts, Thomas (fl. 1737-93)

Silver chinoiserie epergne

'One of the prettiest things I ever saw'. Parson Woodforde, 1783 The Leeds Art Fund made a generous grant towards the acquisition of this silver chinoiserie epergne from the Pippa Rakusen Bequest Fund
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Philip Rollos

Lord Raby's silver wine cistern

One of the largest pieces of silver ever made in England this magnificent cistern or wine cooler was bought for Temple Newsam after an Export Licence Deferral in 2011.
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Anonymous lady embroiderer

A superb Charles II beadwork mirror
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Pourbus, Frans the Younger (1569-1622)

Oil on panel 49.5 x 37.5 cm.

This arresting portrait of an unidentified young man, aged 32, is one of the earliest portraits by Frans Pourbus the Younger.
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Chippendale, Thomas


A lacquer secretaire made by Thomas Chippendale for the State Bedroom at Harewood House
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The Queen Anne State Bed made for Earl Powlett of Hinton House, Somerset, Lord Steward to Queen Anne, c1710
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Knapton, George (1698-1778)

Oil on canvas, 119.4 x 141

A portrait of an important statesman with a family connection to Temple Newsam.
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Hone, Nathaniel the Elder (1718,84) (Attrib.)

Oil on canvas 74 x 62

A portrait of a member of the family who later inherited Temple Newsam and attributed to Nathaniel Hone, a fashionable Irish artist who was particularly renowned for his portraits of children.
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Boulton, Mathew (1728-1809)

Tripod perfume burner, ormolu and white marble, H. 31

A tripod perfume burner of a type used to sweeten the air in the dining rooms of great 18th century houses.
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Thomas Chippendale (attrib)

Furniture; cabinet, mahogany, oak, pine. H.173; W. 109; D. 49

A cabinet made for a collector, the upper part of the cabinet is fitted with thirty shallow drawers.
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Not known

Furniture; a sideboard cabinet, oak and mahogany. H. 99; W. 120; D. 59

A fine example of a characteristic late 18th century Dutch sideboard cabinet.
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Fell, William and Turton, Lawrence, London

Furniiture; A sofa and four chairs covered in Gobelins tapestry. Chairs: H. 97; W. 71; D. 64. Sofa: H. 109; W. 211; D.74

Part of a suite of furniture made for Sir Lawrence Dundas' Tapestry Room at Moor Park, Hertfordshire, 1771
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Qing dynasty, Kangxi reign, China

Furniture; panelled screen, hardwood. H. 285; W. 572.

This screen is an unaltered example of what, in the late 17th century, would have been known as 'Bantam work' or 'Coromandel lacquer', from the Javanese port and Indian district through which they were imported from northern or central China.
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Risenburgh, Bernard II van

Furniture; writing table, kingwood, walnut, rosewood H. 81; L. 211

A writing table made in Paris for the owner of Allerton Park, Yorkshire.
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Linnell, William

Furniture; side table, carved and gilt pine with a Florentine marble top. H. 99; L. 170

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Matthew Boulton, 1728-1809) (Attrib.)

Inkstand, ormolu with blue glass panels and jars. H. 40

Globe inkstands of this design became fashionable during the last quarter of the eighteenth century.
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Hallett, William, London

Furniture: writing table, mahogany and leather, H. 82; L. 94

A writing table commissioned by Henry, 7th Viscount Irwin, for the newly-created Library at Temple Newsam House.
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Channon, John

Furniture; Writing Cabinet, Mahogany with engraved brass inlay; H. 245; L. 117

This spectacular cabinet relates to a family of high quality rococo furniture, embellished with brass-inlay and a distinctive repertoire of gilt brass mounts, known as the ‘nymph and satyr’ group.
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Mercier, Philip

Portrait, oil on canvas , 75.9 cm x 63.4 cm

This fine portrait of the elegant Major Louis de Jean, of His Majesty’s First Troop of Horseguards, was painted by Philip (Philippe) Mercier, an artist of French extraction who had settled in England. Both the sitter and the artist were Huguenots (French Protestants) whose families had left France in the wake of Louis IV’s religious laws.
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Bowl carved from a single piece of amber,10.5 x 18.5 x 25.5

An amber bowl carved to hold a single peach, possibly made for an Emperor of China.
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