Restoration of the domestic corridor at Temple Newsam

Buter's Pantry reinstatement supported by Leeds Art Fund

The northern section of Temple Newsam’s Domestic Corridor has recently undergone restoration work. This is the first visible element of a broader scheme which includes the restoration of the Butler’s Pantry in the adjacent western section. This room is currently a technical workshop but will take on its late nineteenth-century appearance and will be used as a new silver gallery, partly funded by
the LAF. When the scheme is complete, the visitor entrance of the house will shift to the North Hall.

Buter’s Pantry reinstatement supported by Leeds Art Fund

The adjacent Domestic Corridor will then become far more prominent than it has been in recent times, providing the main access to the public rooms of the house.

Extensive paint analysis was carried out before the corridor could be redecorated. A number of ‘cores’ of paint layers were taken from features in the corridor: walls, woodwork, window mullions, archways etc. These were then analysed under a microscope which has helped
build a decorative chronology of the space. This is not an exact science, with layers sometimes being rubbed away by decorators.

However, we are confident that the corridor has now been redecorated in a colour scheme which is true to its appearance in the late Victorian period when the extensive wooden panelling is thought to have been installed. Since the panelling is such a key feature, it would make little sense to try to recreate an earlier colour scheme.

Whilst somewhat drab to modern eyes, the new decorative scheme certainly feels much more appropriate than the one it replaces, and it enhances the atmosphere of the space. Once the other restoration works are complete, the corridor will be re-hung with works of art and
new interpretation will be introduced.

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