Suzuki Silver Vase

Image courtesy of Adrian Sassoon, London. Photography by Sylvain Deleu

This fine example of work by the Japanese silversmith Hiroshi Suzuki has been acquired for the collection at Temple Newsam. Suzuki spent considerable time in the UK in the 1990s and 2000s, establishing himself as one of the most important and influential silversmiths working in the country this century. His hammer-raised works use a traditional vase form as a canvas for chased and hammered abstract decoration informed by nature. Miyabi-Fire V responds to the element of fire and has a great sense of movement, characteristic of the artist. Miyabi roughly translates as ‘refinement’, or ‘elegance’, which seems entirely apt.

Suzuki silver vase

Miyabi-Fire V is the latest of a series of contemporary acquisitions for Temple Newsam which seek to create conversations with historic collections. The piece will be displayed in Temple Newsam’s restored Butler’s Pantry. It has been bought to celebrate the occasion.

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