December Water 1976

Hilliard, John

An artist who first used photography in order to record his work as a sculptor, Hilliard went on to use it as a creative medium. John Hilliard studied sculpture at St. Martin’s School of Art and he first used photography as a means of recording his work in that medium. However, he grew tired of taking photographs of his constructed steel sculpture and decided to make photography itself his subject. An important part of his photographic work has been the time sequence, where an image can be altered by using different speeds and apertures in the camera. His December Water of 1976 is a creative portrait of winter, exploiting the possibilities of different exposures and the effect on the viewer of a change in the individual titles. It consists of three photographs, each measuring 57 x 38 cm and was bought with the aid of a contribution from the LACF in 1979.


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