National Grid

Caro, Sir Anthony OM

Possibly the finest British sculptor after Henry Moore. A British sculptor, Anthony Caro was born in New Malden, south-west London. His father was a stockbroker and wanted his son to join his firm. Caro did not want to do that, but at his parents’ suggestion he began to train in an architect’s office. He soon gave up architecture in order to study engineering at Cambridge University, graduating in 1944. During the Second World War Caro served in the Fleet Air Arm and afterwards studied sculpture at the Regent Street Polytechnic and then from 1947-52 at the Royal Academy Schools. From 1951-53 he also worked part-time as an assistant to Henry Moore. Until 1959 Caro’s work was figurative, modelled using clay, but during a visit to America that year he became strongly influenced by the constructed sculpture of David Smith and on his return to London in 1960 he bought welding equipment and scrap metal and made his first constructed abstract sculpture. Caro’s work then became characterized by abstract metal constructions and he gained international recognition. Caro was knighted in 1987 and awarded the OM in 2000. National Grid was bought, with the aid of a contribution from the LACF, to mark the reopening of Leeds City Art Gallery in 1982.


Sculpture: Metal

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