Portrait of Master Hugo Meynell

Hone, Nathaniel the Elder (Attrib.)

A portrait of a member of the family who later inherited Temple Newsam and attributed to Nathaniel Hone, a fashionable Irish artist who was particularly renowned for his portraits of children.

An Irish painter, born at Wood Quay in Dublin, the son of a Dublin merchant, Nathaniel Hone may have been self-taught as an artist. Whilst quite young Hone moved to England, where he found work as an itinerant portrait painter. He studied in Italy for a time but in 1742 he married an heiress and settled in St. James’s Place, London.

He became well-known as a painter of portraits and miniatures and received commissions from many famous contemporaries, including Frederick, Prince of Wales. In 1768 Hone was a founding member of the Royal Academy, although he had little sympathy for its first President, Sir Joshua Reynolds, whom he accused of copying the masters of the Italian Renaissance. The portrait of Master Hugo Meynell shows Hugo Meynell (1759-1800) at about ten years of age.

In 1783 Meynell married the Hon. Elizabeth Ingram, third daughter of the ninth and last Viscount Irwin of Temple Newsam. Their son Hugo Charles Meynell Ingram eventually inherited Temple Newsam and all his mother’s family’s vast estates. The portrait was bought with the aid of a contribution from the LACF (Anthony Wells-Cole Anniversary Fund) in 2010.

Nathaniel Hone the Elder (Attrib.)

Oil on canvas

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